Firewood for wood burning and multifuel Stoves

Firewood is Solar Energy Stored In trees

In Britain, the traditional fuel used until the industrial revolution was wood, since then, over the last two hundred years, it has been replaced by coal, oil and gas. The subsequent environmental damage caused by our extensive use of fossil fuels has increased our awareness and there is now growing interest in using wood as a sustainable, renewable, low carbon alternative. Wood is a source of renewable heat energy, and if it is burned and stored correctly, it can be smokeless.

Trees give out oxygen into the air and absorb carbon dioxide (CO2) by using the carbon in the growth process. It is this carbon dioxide which is given off when burned. The result of this, compared to using fossil fuels, is that our net CO2 production is reduced (the only output is that caused by wood processing and transportation) when you use wood from a sustainable source. Not only can this reduce our reliance on these fossil fuels, but it will also reduce our CO2 emissions.

With effective management of our limited British woodland areas, we could make a substantial amount of wood available. This will in turn increase the proportion of managed woodland, support jobs in the forestry industry, and improve their biodiversity.

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