Should Wood Burning Stoves Be Sold with a Clear Health Warning?

From 2022, all new wood burning stoves must comply with the Clean Air Act. This is the same whether you live in the country surrounded by green pastures or in an urbane city environment.

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Artificial Logs

The Best Artificial Logs for Wood Burning Stoves that You Can Buy in 2021

Let’s face it, as aesthetically inviting to interior décor and comforting to the soul as a roaring fire can be, without the consistent warmth and crackle of a fire on a chilly spring evening, your wood burners won’t meet their purpose.

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Biomass Fuel

Biomass Energy – The facts.

You’d be surprised just how far back our biomass history stretches. It’s believed that our ancestors first started cooking meat over an open fire as far back as two and a half million years ago. And here we are, all those years later, still relying on biomass energy to cook our food and heat our homes.

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Holiday Let Wood Burning Stove.

How including enhancements like a wood burning stove can bring massive benefits to increase your bookings in these difficult times.

It’s fair to say that the coronavirus has plunged many businesses into chaos this year. From restaurants horticulture, storage to travel, business owners have been left surveying the damage, consolidating their assets, and reassessing their 2020 forecasts.

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The best time of year for heating your home by burning kiln dried firewood.

The autumn months are upon us. The leaves are changing, there’s a crispness to the air, pumpkins a-plenty are being harvested for the spooky season, the nights draw in a lot sooner, and it gradually gets a much more temperate outside.

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What Is the Best Wood to Use in a Pizza Oven?

It’s fair to say that Brits love pizza. The average person in the UK will eat an astounding 731 pizzas in their lifetime. In the US, 350 slices of pizza are eaten every second with 13% of Americans eating pizza every single day. However, did you know that despite being a staple menus item in every Italian restaurant, pizza isn’t actually Italian?

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When Should I Get Someone to Clean My Chimney?

If you look at property trends over the last few years, you’ll notice that many homeowners love traditional fireplaces or wood burning stoves – and it’s not hard to see why!

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Coal Banned in Household Wood Burners in 2021

Earlier this year it was officially announced burning coal in UK homes will be banned in 2021. Although the decision was 18 months in the making, it should come as little surprise to anyone that the government is intending to ban fuels that contribute significantly to the UK’s air pollution.

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Six Questions to Ask When Buying Firewood for Wood Burning Stoves

With surely what is a wide array of firewood to choose from for your wood burning stove, it can be a challenge to know what’s your best option. However, there is one constant; everyone wants the best quality firewood for the best price, right?

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What Type of Firewood Is the Best to Use in Your Wood Burning Stove?

Here is our latest update.

However much you love the warm feeling under your toes that only underfloor heating can offer or the energy efficiency of a central heating system, there’s really no substitute for the ambience and aesthetics of a wood burning stove.

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