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Wood Types: Best to Worst

When choosing wood for a fire, it’s important that you know what type you are burning and what is best for a fire. Also keep in mind whether the fire will be indoor or outdoor, as different woods will burn with different intensity and duration. The main reason for the differences are wood density and moisture retention (how well they hold onto their water). Wood that is of a high density and high moisture retention being the worst example of firewood, providing little fuel for a fire to burn (lasts only a short period) and burning with a very low intensity (low heat).

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confused which wood

Confused: kiln dried or barn dried wood for your log burner?

We’re all aware that burning logs is a much more environmentally friendly way to heat our homes when compared with using other fossil fuels, such as gas, oil or coal. However, chances are that you’re probably not quite so informed about the best type of wood to burn in your log burner. If you’ve ever […]

what can i put in my log burner

Wondering what you can burn in your wood-burning stove?

Your brand new wood burner has just been installed and you can’t wait to stoke it up and get a good fire burning. However eager you might be to get it going, read on to find out the best wood to burn and why before you make the mistake of throwing any old wood into […]