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Four Ways a Wood Burning Stove Is Great for Your Home

There are few pleasures in life more comforting than sitting by a roaring fire with a mug of hot chocolate on a cold winter’s eve. Whether you’re relaxing and reading a good book, sharing quality time with the family, or unwinding after a long day outdoors in the bitter cold, the warmth and hypnotic tranquillity of a wood burning stove is hard to beat.

It’s no surprise that wood burning stoves have evolved to become the signature aspect of a room’s décor. Both traditional and contemporary wood burning stove designs can create a wonderful contrast or complementary ambience to a room’s décor, making them perfect for everyone’s taste.

So, let’s look at four ways that the simple addition of a wood burning stove can create a homely environment. Be sure to read each one – you may just find yourself inspired to install a wood burning stove – even if you’ve never thought of doing so before!

The Time to Be Together

It’s often those little moments in life where we felt completely at peace, happy, safe, warm. We remember how we felt in that moment. For many who have experienced the comfort of sitting by a fire with cherished family or friends, relaxing, sharing quality time or a joke or two, these memories last.

A wood burning stove is the perfect place to gather and enjoy the ambiance. Any external stress or strain will melt away as you gaze into the flames and feel the heat of the fire on your face. Isn’t this what a home should be?

Why not collect firewood and start a wood burning fire together? This is a great way for friends and families to bond – and it doesn’t have to just be for camping trips! You don’t have to wander the woods for firewood, just collect enough wood for the stove and light it, sit back and relax.

Environmentally Friendly

In the current era of eco-awareness, more and more people are determined to reduce their carbon footprint and adopt lifestyles that preserve the planet for future generations. Wood burning stoves are a better way to heat a room than central heating boilers.

Burning wood is not completely CO2 free; it releases stored up carbon but, compared to alternative means of heating a room or home, burning wood is a much-reduced means of heating an environment compared to electricity.

Although wood does release carbon dioxide when burned, the amount released is equal to the amount consumed by any replacement trees which release oxygen into the atmosphere. Also, sourcing wood fuel from a waste repository is also a great way to help the environment; this saves wood being piled into landfill landfills. All this makes wood burning carbon neutral.

Energy Efficiency

Anyone concerned with the escalating household bills that they’re having to pay every month will surely be attracted to wood burning stoves. Why? As a heat source, they’re cheaper. A lot cheaper – and very efficient.

As a comparison, an open fireplace has a statistical efficiency of between 20-25%. A wood burning stove has a statistical efficiency of as much as 80%. Wood burning is much cheaper than heating a room or home with gas and, or electricity. Roughly speaking, a kilowatt of heat per hour provided by a wood burning stove is equivalent to one fifth of the cost of a kilowatt of electricity and a third of the cost of gas.

Heat Output

One of the most attractive features of a wood burning stove is its heat output. Gas and electrical heating can be rather temperamental – especially if you have an older system. Heat outputs can also vary excessively, making your home feel uncomfortably hot or cool, leaving rooms feeling frigid in the cooler winter months or even stiflingly hot in the autumn or spring. The heat output of a wood burning stove is consistent.

Better still, the heat of a wood burning stove is powerful. You won’t need to wait for half an hour to an hour for a room to heat up, leaving you walking around the house in a woollen jumper or coat for much of the day!

You can also choose from a range of wood burning stoves of different sizes; each that feature varying heat outputs. Whether you desire a smaller wood burning stove to keep the snug cosy or a larger one to heat a living rom that’s 16 x 20 square feet, you’ll surely find the right wood burning stove for you.

In short, wood burning stoves make a great addition to any home. Not only will they enhance the overall ambience of any room, creating an enticing a comfortable environment for everyone to enjoy, they are strong design focal points, both environmentally friendly and energy efficient, and have variable heat outputs perfect for environments of all sizes.

For a great selection of firewood for stoves, take some time to browse our products. If you have any questions, feel free to call us on 0333 300 1299.

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